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Saturday, November 19, 2005


I'm currently running Kismac 0.2a with a Proxim PCMCIA card (airport extreme is not supported in passive mode) and there are some great things and some not so great things. The install is very straight forward and if you have the right card (prism2 chipset and an orinoco on the side) you can do some really interesting things. As noted by others I am having some issues keeping scans running. Sometimes it will go for a few minutes and other times it will die in a few seconds. Dmesg is filled with this message:
MACJack: MACJackCard::_handleRx: packet queue overflow

I have to imagine that the really strong signal strength I'm getting is overwelming a buffer somewhere. So instead of flushing the buffer or maybe dropping some of the packets I think it just shuts down. I'm close to finishing my first expirement (at 1.5M packets captured :) and will look into this more when I am done.

Hopefully Kismet will port to OSX again in the near future so that we can all bask in the goodness that is wireless packet capture. Kismac and Kismet are not officially related but provide pretty similar functionality.

For more info on Kismet go and listen to creator Dragorn talk about the project. He mentions Kismac and the pros and cons and also explains why the Airport Extreme isn't going to work in passive mode anytime soon.


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